Megan Reisch, DNP

Megan Reisch is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. She has received training in several advanced aesthetic procedures and is offering industry-leading medical and cosmetic treatments.


I believe in naturally reviving the skin and rejuvenating tissue to restore its integrity through clinically proven, non-invasive procedures. I take pride in educating patients and helping them to understand their skin and skin conditions they may be affected by (i.e. acne, melasma, keratosis pilaris, and rosacea among others). I offer treatments suitable for several different skin types and conditions and also work with patients to develop appropriate skin care regimens. The integumentary system, largely comprised of the skin, requires care just as any other body system and plays an integral role in the overall health and wellness of the body. I look forward to helping you achieve healthy skin not just to look good, but to feel good too.  

Additionally, I offer treatments for male and female urinary incontinence and frequency, vaginal rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction. While traditional treatments for these issues have been surgery, medications and hormones; Mette Medical Aesthetics offers non-surgical, hormone and medication-free treatment alternatives. 

Megan Gross, CNM

Megan Gross is a Certified Nurse-Midwife who offers women's hormonal healing as well as female rejuvenation services. She has been working in integrative women's health for over two years.


I help women who have had children or are entering menopause and struggling with symptoms of fatigue, low libido, weight issues, and mood instability to balance their hormones naturally. I help patients accomplish this by addressing the root cause of the hormonal imbalance. I understand that hormonal imbalance can cause distressing symptoms in many areas in a woman's life and I offer testing as well as appointments that include a long-term plan and follow up appointments individualized to each patient and their specific needs. 


I'm also pleased to be able to women heal from sexual dysfunction postpartum and post menopause. This entails using medical grade devices to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve tissue integrity.

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